Mobile App Development

Are you developing a new mobile app for iOS or Android? This blog defines mobile application development and introduces you to the concept of Mobile Business Intelligence.

What is Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development means creating software for digital assistants and smartphones, most often for iOS and Android. Once a Mobile App Development Company develops software, that software can be downloaded from a mobile app store, can be preinstalled on the device, or accessed through a mobile web browser. The markup languages and programming used for this type of software development include Swift, Java, C#, and HTML5.

Scalex cloud designs, builds, and delivers industry-specific and customer-centric mobile and web application development solutions to transform the future of a business.

Mobile app development is growing rapidly. From telecommunications, retail, and e-commerce to healthcare, insurance, and government, organizations across all industry sectors need to meet the required user expectations for real-time, suitable ways to access information and conduct transactions. As one of the top App Developers in San Francisco, ScalexCloud aims to be a  global leader in high-end application and product development.

Choosing the Right Platform

Various independent application development teams start with building their apps for Android first. The reason for this is that majority of smartphones (close to 70 percent) run on Android, plus Google Play Store has lesser restrictions as compared to the Apple App Store. On the other hand, mobile applications that are created for iOS have fewer devices that require support – this makes optimization much simpler. Also, user retention is generally higher for iOS applications.

What Is Mobile Business Intelligence?

Mobile Intelligence is the ability of mobiles to study, familiarize, analyze, and understand user behavior via multiple aspects. For example, if a mobile user turns off the vibrate option with the silent mode more frequently, then the next time the user enables the silent mode, the vibrate option should be disabled by itself. In this example, the smartphone has understood how to make things easier for the user.

A Business Intelligence (BI) roadmap in mobile app development is also termed as accessing the information and using it. At present, thousands of mobile apps are combined with analytics tools and business intelligence to provide smart information to the end-user.

Scalex Cloud is a Mobile App Development Company in San Francisco, that specializes in creating user-centric designs with the utmost care and transparency. Mobile Business Intelligence is one of the main areas that this company specializes in.

Advantages of Mobile BI

The main benefit of mobile BI is that the customers are able to access their data from anywhere at any time. It improves the functioning of mobile applications. Following are some great benefits of mobile BI for your business:

· Information Gathering: On integrating the machine learning model with a mobile app, one probably gets the data more frequently or in real-time.

· Decision Making: When the collated information is available at all times and is also analyzed using various analysis tools, it makes it easier to make any decision effectively and in less or no time.

· Advantage In Competition: Having access to the data in real-time increases the chances of reaching out to clients frequently.


Mobile App development is the present and the future. If you are on the hunt for a good mobile app development company, then all you need to do is google for the best custom mobile app development services in Seattle, and Scalex Cloud will be displayed in your search list.